Utopia Refreshes Brand with New Logo and Packaging

Utopia Farms - New Branding

Utopia is the latest brand of cannabis that is banking on a premium look to set it apart from the competition.

The Santa Rosa based brand offers premium products that the company says are tested above industry standards for purity, consistency and safety; and distributes only clean and natural flowers, edibles and extracts – free of artificial chemicals, additives and pesticides.

The company's new look is designed to connect with consumers, highlight the product’s main features – such as purity and authenticity, and convey that its brand fulfills the promise of “the perfect cannabis experience.”

Emily Bercow, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Utopia, said that cannabis users care about quality and that her company's products are "as close to perfection as possible.”

Utopia launched its new brand and product lineup in the scorching heat at the 4th Annual Chalice Festival, held recently at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds in Victorville, California.

Utopia worked on the rebranding project with Hippo Premium Packaging, a cannabis-focused custom packaging and branding agency. Kary Radestock, CEO of Hippo, says that Utopia will be unveiling additional products and packaging in the near future.

Utopia Farms - New Macaroon Packaging

Hippo Premium Packaging Exposed in the News!

Golden State Greens - Custom Jar

We are so pleased to be featured in MG Magazine, in an article that profiles our beginnings, our journey – along with some rather interesting obstacles, and a few of our favorite projects.

From personal relationship challenges to midnight dashes through the desert, the article traces the highlights of our history, and how we became one of the industry’s leading providers of premium packaging and brand development.

We thank the people at MG Magazine for putting this together, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

Hippo Premium Packaging Forms Strategic Partnership with Randall Huft

Leading packaging and branding agency to the cannabis industry adds well-known marketing and public relations expert to its team

SAN DIEGO, May 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Hippo Premium Packaging (www.hippopackaging.com), a leading cannabis-focused custom packaging and branding agency, announced a strategic partnership with Randall Huft, one of the industry's leading marketing and public relations professionals.

Hippo is known for its innovative packaging designs, logos, and brand development. The company's richly-detailed designs help companies attract interest, increase sales, and generate loyalty.

Huft is known for creating award-winning marketing and public relations programs leading brands both inside and outside of the cannabis industry, including: AT&T, Disney, Kush Bottles, United Airlines, Sage Analytics, Nestle's, Toyota, Denver Consulting Group, Walgreen's, CannaScore, Loews Hotels, and American Express.

"Our collaboration with Randall will give our clients access to exceptional marketing and communications expertise," said Kary Radestock, Co-Founder and CEO of Hippo Packaging. "We are now able to offer a full-spectrum of dynamic brand-building services to our clients and to forward-thinking companies that want to achieve rapid growth and gain a significant competitive advantage."

New Services, New Clients

Hippo made the addition to its team not only to provide a more comprehensive range of services to its clients, but to also help launch four exciting new brands within the next few months.

"The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, and we are scaling up to meet the demand," said Julia Gosnell, Co-Founder and COO of Hippo Packaging.

Huft and Hippo share some of the same clients, who can now enjoy the convenience of a true one-stop-shop for all branding, packaging, marketing and public relations needs."

Tina Urban, Founder and CEO of Urban Labs, is one such shared client. She appreciates Hippo's expertise in creating beautiful packaging and branding, and has worked with Randall for years, whom she calls, "The best kept secret in the cannabis industry."

The company does have a problem though, according to Radestock. "We were thinking that we now need to call the company 'Hippo Premium Packaging, Branding, Marketing, and Public Relations,' but that just won't fit on our business cards!"

For more information on the Hippo Premium Packaging (plus branding, marketing, and public relations), call: 619-269-0939, or visit: www.hippopackaging.com.  

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Free online branding 101 class with Hippo’s Kary Radestock

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Lack of banking for the cannabis industry

As a cannabis business owner, we’re faced with more tasks than creating the latest marketing campaign or making sure our inventory is stocked for our customers. 

We’re faced with a lack of support from banking institutions for the cannabis industry.

The cannabis community can expect to see a boom of business growth in 2017 with a total of 26 states and the District of Columbia legalizing marijuana in some form. So, with all the potential for growth, the federal government still classifies marijuana as an illegal drug, making it near impossible to open business bank accounts for cannabusinesses.

Hippo’s COO, Julia Gosnell, spoke with the LA Times in a recent article about the impacts of not having bank support for the cannabis business owner. 

“I was told by an accountant, who closed his door to tell me this, that you just keep your cash under the mattress,” Gosnell said.

As the banks continue to deny cannabis income, we’re faced with new challenges on how to run our businesses. How do you continue to grow, pay business expenses and invest back into the business without a bank on your side?

“Imagine having to be paid in cash, having to pay your employees and suppliers in cash, having to take care of your payroll, sales and income taxes in cash,” LA Times reporter Robin Abcarian states.

But there is hope. California’s Cannabis Banking Working Group will meet in Los Angeles on Feb. 10 to discuss recommendations on opening up banking to the cannabis industry. And as organizations rally together, Hippo will be actively involved in getting the banks back on our side.

Read the full LA Times feature