I was just saying to a colleague this morning that as an industry, "We must get away from the Green, Black & Purple color pallet, cartoon type illustrations and for God's sake, no more Marijuana leaves!". And then, I had to sorta think about my own logo...my black and green color palette. My 'Happy Hippo' eating a MJ leaf. Hmmm...so I thought back to when I created my logo (6 months ago) and the thoughts that prompted me to add the leaf to my logo at the very end of the design process. It was a conscious decision - I felt I needed that leaf. I had to send a strong message to my client base that I am un-apologetically a cannabis brand...here for them specifically, specializing in their industry, bringing solutions that address their specific needs. I also had to differentiate myself from other firms like me who may not be comfortable with their mainstream client base knowing that they also support the cannabis industry. I was going all in...with no shame.

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the leaf…to use, or to not use.

When creating or refreshing your brand, the most important thing you can do is to be authentically you (as a brand). If the leaf helps to you to define or illustrate that authenticity, then use it!

Your logo is the single most powerful and iconic representation of your company…or at least, it should be. I believe there are times when using the leaf is appropriate and on point - but, as an industry, let's just not be too lazy about it and show some restraint.

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