I have to admit that I don’t like the title of this blog. I’m not blaming anyone, I wrote it. It’s just that there really aren’t any tricks, there are just proven techniques – many of which are not well known in the cannabis community. 

Sorry, I should have said “Spoiler alert” before telling you that there aren’t any tricks. 

The fact is, what are one woman’s (or man’s) tricks are another’s techniques. Here are a few of our favorite techniques to make packaging stand out.

Coatings: Properly utilized, a coating in the printing process can add a beautiful element to your packaging. There are many coatings to choose from, including Gloss and Matte Varnish – either overall or just “spot,” plus Metallic Inks, UV, Soft Touch, and Aqueous coatings. Each of these has different qualities and we use them often to help create visual interest or to highlight a logo or color palette by using contrast in the coatings. They will help protect and enhance your packaging and can add an upscale and professional look. However, be sure to think about labels that may need to go on top of the packaging, as some coatings may make it difficult for them to adhere. 

Augmented Reality: Also known as AR, this new and exciting technology allows customers to interact with your brand from their smart phones. To put it simply, this fascinating technology lets consumers aim their phone at a (often hidden) QR code on your packaging, and an interactive pre-produced experience comes to life. AR has been shown to improve product loyalty, attract new customers, and help you stand out from competitors. It takes a bit of planning, but adding AR to your packaging can help elevate your brand and connect deeply with your customer base.

Design: I’m not just talking about the design that is printed on the package, although that is critical. I am referring to the structural design of the package itself. There are new, interesting packaging solutions hitting the market that combine attention-grabbing shapes with child resistant features. Some of these exciting packages include jars with innovative lids, protective film layers, and slide-out cartons that can be tailored to house a wide range of products from vape cartridges to pre-rolled joints and concentrates. Using an unusually shaped package can help you stand out from the competition and attract customer attention.

Labels: Many consumers want detailed information on a label, so it is important to carefully consider the space, layout and placement of this often-overlooked item. From mandatory test results and potency levels, to terpene profiles and other analysis, the information on a label can be a sales driver when properly utilized. Consumers want to know what they’re getting, and the label is often where they will turn for detailed information. Accordingly, make sure your label isn’t an afterthought, but it is an integral component of your overall package design.

The Right Press: There are several types of printing presses, including offset, sheet fed, web, and newer digital technologies. However, depending on the paper type, inks, coverage, and quantities, not all printing presses will produce the same results. The quality of your printing reflects on your brand, so this is not something you want to leave to chance. Make sure that your packaging designer has a great understanding of the printing process so that your project is matched with the perfect printing press in order to deliver optimum results. 

So, there you have it… 5 tricks, I mean techniques, to make your packaging pop. 

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