We recently celebrated our third anniversary as a company, and it seems like we’ve been around for much, much longer.

As we have often said, we plan on being in this exciting industry for a long time, and have positioned our company to be a trusted resource for our clients. With all of the changes in the industry within the past three years, we’ve not only become noted experts in branding, compliance and packaging, but we’ve also gained an astonishing amount of experience - making us feel like we are sprinting through a marathon.

We’ve watched and learned as the regulations in California changed. Then changed again. Then once again.

We retained a compliance attorney to help us and our clients navigate the myriad of ever-evolving rules and regs.

We added staff in key markets, put boots on the ground, and doubled the size of our design team.

We raised our profile further with speaking engagements, articles in prominent trade publications, and participation in vital regulatory committees.

We have had wonderful collaborations with our clients, many of whom have reached new sales records with our branding and packaging solutions.

We won a prestigious packaging award in a global competition for our design utilizing the new Duallok child-resistant system.

And our co-founder and CEO, Kary Radestock, was named “Cannabis Woman of the Year.

In short, our little company became quite the powerhouse over these past three years.

So happy birthday to us. And to all of our friends, staff, supporters and clients that made this such an incredible journey, we are grateful!

We've gotta go now. This marathon race continues to nip at our heels