You’ve heard the expression, “It’s a jungle out there.” This phrase may not have a traceable origin, but serves as a metaphor with the implication that the world is full of hidden, unforeseen dangers, along with the concept of "survival of the fittest."

This allegory of “only the strong survive” is playing out in the world of cannabis retailing.

I recently spoke with the CEO of a wonderful cannabis company, who commented that as a smaller company with a limited budget, he relied on budtenders to recommend his company’s products to consumers. He said that he didn’t have any kind of a formal budtender training program, and that he “hoped” they would steer customers toward his products.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t happening, and “hope” is not a strategy for success.

His products were on the shelves, but with bland packaging and no advertising or marketing support, his sales were dismal.

I suggested that one of the most economical and efficient methods of attracting new customers was through developing eye-catching and distinctive packaging. With new packaging, customers would be naturally drawn to his products.

I mentioned that one of our recent clients, Canna Bath Co, saw their sales double after introducing their new packaging. Not only that, but several large retailers, who had previously rejected the product line, now took it on with enthusiasm.

Yes, packaging matters.

It’s often the only connection consumers have with your product line. It’s a “silent salesman” that communicates key points about your product, its benefits, and its differentiating points in the market. It conveys the essence of your brand. And it’s the last thing a customer has in their  hand and in their mind before the moment of purchase.

In other words, your product packaging has a lot of weight on its shoulders. Today, it is not simply preferable to have well-designed, professional packaging… in the highly competitive cannabis retailing environment, it is absolutely essential.

It’s a retailing jungle out there…. So, dress your products well.