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Packaging: The First and Last Step of Brand Building

An article by Kary Radestock in the June issue:

“Okay, I admit it. I am looking for trouble right out of the chute. How can anything be both the first and last step? Unless you are a mobius strip, it defies the laws of physics. However, in brand building, product packaging does indeed become both the first and the last step in the process.

Let me explain.

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ABV Cannabis Co, Boveda and Hippo launch new custom product packaging

"Dry cannabis is an epidemic.” The team at Hippo worked in conjunction with Boveda, who researched and designed a special humidity control packet that is integrally built into ABV Cannabis Co new launch of their pre-roll flower. Lance Lambert, Strategic Business Unit Manager at Boveda, said that the goal was to create the perfect environment for cannabis. "We wanted to create a micro-climate inside the box that would keep the terpenes in place and provide the perfect humidity, so that every customer would receive an optimum, fresh and full-flavor experience."

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Packaging : Regulation Heaven or Hell?

There likely is no sector more impacted by regulatory issues than packaging.

Packaging is one of the most important aspects for any brand in the cannabis industry. Not only must packaging meet myriad complex regulations that change from one jurisdiction to the next, but it also needs to carry the branding of the company, connect with the consumer, and entice a favorable purchasing decision.

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(Image: Atomazul /   )

(Image: Atomazul /

Sometimes the Packaging Is The Product

Hippo’s latest contributing article in MG Cannabis Retailer about designing packaging for the emerging cannabis industry discusses consumer interest, how to stand out and brand loyalty.

The bottom line: Powerful connections are built between the customer and the container, so make sure your packaging is perfectly performing all of its many roles.

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Hippo Wins Prestigious Global Packaging Award

Hippo Premium Packaging and Duallok win Prestigious Global Leadership Award.
Together Hippo and Duallok have won a PAC Global Leadership Award for Packaging Innovation. It was the only award given to a packaging solution for a legal cannabis product.

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Member Blog: Tiffany’s, Target, and Everything In-Between

NCIA Member Blog : Tiffany’s, Target and Everything In-Between
I received a beautiful gift from Tiffany’s this holiday season. It was beautifully packaged in the signature Tiffany blue box, and placed in a Tiffany blue bag, along with wrapping paper embossed with the Tiffany logo. The packaging alone made me fall in love with the gift.

Everything about the Tiffany experience shouts quality. Yes, their items can be expensive, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and when you shop at Tiffany’s, you can be assured that everything they sell will be of the highest quality.

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Hippo Packaging's Kary Radestock Gets It All Wrapped Up

HIPPO PACKAGING’S Kary Radestock isn’t only about designing pretty packages. She and her team create consumer experiences. With attention to detail, innovative packaging and branding technology, and forward-looking concepts, Hippo is a one-stop for cannabis company branding. Integrated services start with container design but also include promotional materials, website coding, and trade show displays.

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Luxury Cannabis Branding

The Art of Packaging

Today, it seems that every cannabis company is trying to become the next “luxury” or super-premium brand. And for good reason. In a market that is basically a commodity, brands don’t merely stand out, they are a must-have.

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Meet Kary Radestock of Hippo Premium Packaging


Today we’d like to introduce you to Kary Radestock.

Kary, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I was working in a printing plant in Vista, California, in February 2015, when within the span of just a few weeks, five people walked into our facility asking if we could produce packaging for a vape cartridge. Mind you, no one ever just walks into a printing facility, let alone five people wanting the same service….

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