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What we can do for you.

Hippo's strength is in our versatility to fill in the gaps in areas you may not have expertise. We have the ability to source for the right production fit whether that be domestic or overseas. We will take you through the process with a focus on your success.



your image

Your image matters. Whether you want to be a high-quality boutique brand or a massive company with operations throughout the country, there is one truth about business: Brands matter. Building your brand in the cannabis sector is especially important because of a myriad of regulations and heightened competition.

Hippo has the expertise to build your business and cultivate a brand that resonates, creates loyalty, and keeps you in the green. From logos, to packaging design, to websites, to strategy… Hippo has the expertise that brands are built on. 

Branding  ·  Logos  ·  Website Design  ·  Marketing Strategy



YOUR products

What do your marketing materials say about your company? Are you upscale? Corporate? Friendly? High quality? Whatever your message, make sure it comes through in your marketing materials, loud and clear. 

From packaging and printing, to signage, to retail displays, to trade show booth design, trust Hippo to give you the powerful tools you need to succeed in today’s competitive cannabis industry. 

Packaging & Printing  ·  Retail Signage
Retail Display  ·  Trade Show Booths



spread the WORD

There’s an old adage that says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We think it’s the other way around. Words build brands. Stories build companies. 

Our team of public relations experts know how to craft stories that capture interest, captivate readers, and compel action. There a few things stronger in this world than the written word for building a business. Let us help you create the most magnificent messaging. 

Public Relations  ·  Social Media & SEO  ·  Digital Marketing



Out(side) of Home

Bigger is better! Our design team can create a fabulous billboard, mural or banner that grabs attention and sticks in the mind. Whether you are targeting commuters on their way home from work, or conventioneers at a trade show, let our team of award-winning pros put pencil to paper and sketch something awe-inspiring for your business and your brand.

Wall Murals  ·  Outdoor Boards  ·  Trade Show Booths & Banners