Did you know?

Did you know? Public relations is more than just a well crafted press release. Pay attention to reputation management and risk avoidance too. Good risk management is a valuable skill for PR projects and creates positive brand awareness for your business.

Festival and trade show season formally kicks off this week…

hippopackagingAs the festival and trade show season formally kicks off this week, make sure you have a show strategy in place with goals clearly defined. Many savvy companies strive to drive booth visits using games, drawings, promotional products and sampling. This is your best opportunity to create and build your customer database (especially email address list). Your digital database will help mitigate social media account closure disasters as well as position you to easily communicate directly with your fan base. Set yourself an event goal to gather 100 new email addresses at each event. This type of specific and trackable goal will enable you to have a rich database of loyal consumers in no time!