Overview of California Cannabis Packaging Requirements



Logo Rationale

A logo is the central, identifiable visual element that helps customers discover, share, and remember a company’s brand. Usually it’s in the form of an icon (mark or symbol), logotype, or combination of the two. 

At Hippo, when creating a brand, the visual start begins by creating the logo and then we move forward to create the complete corporate identity. Identity systems are all the visual components needed to express the brand; website, marketing collateral, advertisements, social media, packaging, tradeshow booths, etc. Style guidelines are used as a framework to ensure the corporate image is cohesive and consistent across all consumer touches. 

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Branding for Beginners

The term Branding is vague and good branding often eludes most cannabis start-ups. Some folks feel you can ‘Slap a logo on it’…and you have a brand! Other Ganjapreneurs know they need to put the work in to create a proper brand but are not quite certain what steps to take. The process may feel overwhelming and out of reach.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine - A brand or branding refers to the perceived image and subsequent emotional response to a company, its products, and services. It also represents the conversation that customers are having with each other about the company, and how that spreads. 

Seth Godin’s definition of a brand: A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. 

Your Brand is the soul of your company – the overarching image that you present to your audience. Keeping it consistent across all marketing channels is imperative to creating a memorable brand. The Hippo team will help guide you through each step, from creation to implementation & ongoing marketing strategy…whether you are just launching your product/company or are already established and ready for a refresh.

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6 Tips for Packaging Success

  • Good packaging starts with good branding and graphic design – Be solid with who you are as a brand and hire the best artist you can afford.

  • Connect your Graphic Designer and Printer/Print Broker early in the brainstorming process to leverage best production practices and press efficiencies across your product line.

  • Whether you are launching for the first time or are going through a brand refresh…create a board or folder with images (include packaging), color palettes, typefaces etc. that you love and feel represent your brand. Share these with your design/production team.

  • Good sales projections are paramount - Order enough product to get you through 4-6 months. Going back on press for a small run is a very expensive mistake.

  • Cannabis is confusing to new consumers…go the extra mile to be clear about usage and the benefits of your products on your packaging.

  • Think ahead to the retail experience – Make it easy for dispensaries to carry and display your products by providing Point of Purchase (POP) containing cartons. Your design/production team will need to know how many units you wish to load into each carton, before structural design can begin.